Review: Eternal Warrior #8 via reviewer @StevilEmpire — @ValiantComics

Ah, Eternal Warrior. Our battle continues. I’m still not sure what to make of this book, with its cyclical quality and my resultant fluctuating interest in it. I’m just not sure I’m down with this story anymore; it’s not…


Review: Harbinger #22 via reviewer @EnterTheHero — @ValiantComics @JoshuaDysart

The problem with issues you enjoy too much is that occasionally they feel like they’ve taken forever to release when really they haven’t. I feel like I’ve been waiting two months for this issue even though I know…


Review: The Manhattan Projects #20 via reviewer @StevilEmpire — @ImageComics @JHickman @NickPitarra @whoajordie

Historically speaking, it’s been difficult for the creative team behind The Manhattan Projectsto suitably and satisfactorily follow an Oppenheimer Civil War issue with its regular…


Look At This: Armor Hunters #1 and Unity #8 Coming In June

Not one, but two Armor Hunter previews! We’re getting closer and closer to Valiant’s third year and third huge summer of books. They may not be calling it the Summer of Valiant this time around, but looking at the line up it’s hard not…


Wonder Con 14: Dynamite Launches Justice Inc.

Dynamite will be publishing Justice Inc. in August and available for pre-order in June of this year, written by Michael Uslan and interior art by Giovanni Timpano. As for the covers, well there will be plenty and here’s that list: Alex Ross,…


Okay so the gist is that there were 45 retailers that had their logo or graphic or just the name placed on the cover of their FCBD edition of Armor Hunters. I think this is actually pretty cool as it gives the issue a degree of rareness that may entice some collectors and certainly the shop…


Wonder Con 14: HARBINGER #25 and HARBINGER: OMEGAS #1 – A Brand New Era Begins This Summer! @ValiantComics

Spinning out of the deadly consequences of “Death of a Renegade” in next week’s HARBINGER #22, Valiant is proud to announce two major milestones coming this summer for the wildly…


Rai #1 Covers

Attack on Titan is Getting Dubbed… and Airing on Toonami


Attack on Titan is Getting Dubbed… and Airing on Toonami

Don’t get me wrong I like Toonami. Hell it’s basically where I learned about anime from, but as times have changed I’ve become more and more interested in the original version of Japanese cartoons with subtitles. That and if you look at the list of voice actors for animes and it’s not very long. I think one voice actor actually holds a record because he’s been used so many times. What really did…

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“It’s Lone Wolf and Cub In A World Where John Carpenter’s The Thing Ate North America”

If you want Justin Jordan to sell you on a book… let him. The headline is pulled from the press release below in which Jordan describes his and Kyle Strahm’s new series Spread. I’m there. You just listed…